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about us


Literally translated, the Chinese word "ShangDao" - [ˈʃɑ:ŋ ˈdɑʊ], means the Path and Philosophy to Succeed in Business!

This is also the raison d'être of Shang-Dao, a non-profit association founded in Geneva, Switzerland: to build up a path between China and Europe for face-to-face communication and extensive exchange.
Shang-Dao serves private and public sector clients who envisage global presence and growth. Our goal is to promote business and cultural exchange between China and Europe by creating networks and organizing conferences, workshops, trade fairs, business clubs, and other activities focusing on China and Chinese business.
Our values are highly reflected by our competence and code of conduct:

  • Multilingual Language skills
  • Vast network of contacts both in China and in Europe, and both in Governments and in the business world
  • Determination to obtain value for our clients
  • Keen insights into business and economic trends and the know-how to satisfy the strategic information needs of executives
  • Swiss precision: we deliver what we promise
  • Success: to see our clients succeed is our highest reward

Shang-Dao’s prime event, China Business Opportunity (CBO) Symposium, has been a great success through the close cooperation with Chinese and Swiss governments. Served as a thought-provoking platform, it brings together business leaders and decision makers of various industries from China and across the region to debate, discuss and explore areas that are essential to the integration of business strategies. The programmes are designed for open and intensive dialogs in a variety of formal and informal settings.

Shang-Dao is growing together with our long-term partners. We look forward to having YOU with us in the journey for tomorrow’s greater success!


about us


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about us






China Business Opportunity Symposium

Sino-Euro Female business leaders luncheon

Cultural ExploringWorkshop

    - Chinese eating culture event
    - Rui Chun Yi Pin


    - Geneva Banking Workshop
    - WTO Workshop
    - Key Leadership Workshop




    Rui Chun Yi Pin 2010
    12-19 February, 2010, Geneva, Switzerland



    2nd Annual Summit of China Green Companies
    22-23 April, 2009, Beijing, China
    > Some excellent moments


    China Entrepreneur Summit 2008
    6-7 December, 2008, Beijing, China
    > Some excellent moments

    CBO VIP Meeting
    8-9 September, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
    > Review


    China Business Opportunity Symposium
    21 January, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
    > Review


    Auto Forum Geneva
    7 march, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
    > Review




Thank you for your interest in Shang-Dao.

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about us


China First Automobile Works Group President & Chairman Mr. Jianyi Xu, Minister of Economy and Health of Republic and State of Geneva Mr. Pierre-François Unger, exchanging gifts

President of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong Mr. Timothy Fok, ex President of Switzerland Mr. Joseph Deiss, at CBO Symposium 2008

Ambassador of the P. R. China in Switzerland Mr. Bangzhao Zhu, Shang-Dao Founder and President Ms. Isabel Mu

Shang-Dao Co-founder and Managing Director Mrs. Miao Gerhard, Federal Councillor, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs, and President of Switzerland, Mme Doris Leuthard

International Movie Star Mr. Jet Lee, Shang-Dao Founder and President Ms. Isabel Mu

International Olympic Committee Director General Dr. François Carrard, Shang-Dao co-founder and Managing Director Mrs. Miao Gerhard, China Kweichow Moutai Co.Ltd Chairman Mr. Keliang Ji

International Telecommunication Union Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Houlin Zhao

Ambassador of the P. R. China in Switzerland Mr. Bangzhao Zhu, delivering opening address

Huaqi(Aigo) Information Digital Technology CEO Mr. Jun Feng giving an interview to a Swiss journalist during CBO Symposium 2008

Shang-Dao Founder and President Ms. Isabel Mu, at Beijing Olympic Games 2008 opening ceremony

Minister of Economy and Health of Republic and State of Geneva Mr. Pierre-François Unger

Chairman of China Entrepreneur Magazine Mr. Donghua Liu make closing address


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