Host: State of Geneva, Switzerland
Meeting Supporters: Geneva International Motorshow

March 07, 2007, Summit Day

Opening Session

By 2010 China will become the world’s second-largest automotive market trailing only the United States. After 5 years of joining WTO, China’s automotive market still represents a major growth opportunity while posing a significant amount of risks: the competition is intensifying; price pressure is high than ever with the import tariffs cutting drastically. Companies that are determined to succeed in this dynamic and increasingly risky market need to create distinctive positions. But, how?

Round-table in Parallel

- Global automotive industry at glance
Increasing demands to cut costs to the bone and deliver one innovation after another are putting enormous pressure on the global automotive industry. OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) have taken the lead in mastering this complex balancing act. What are the key success factors for the international automakers?

- Advantageous alliances and partnerships
Comparing with international automakers, China’s automotive industry still needs foreign technique to strengthen quality and brand image. A strategy aimed at carefully selecting and executing alliances can create “win-win” business models for both foreign as well as Chinese OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) and component partners. Is this also the most secured way for Chinese automotive industry to thrive domestically and internationally at the same time?

- A high quality distribution network
As a matter of fact, China’s distribution landscape is complex and remains underdeveloped. Building and managing quality customer relationships through an efficient distribution network are critical requirements in light of fierce competition. With the constant shrinking profit margin, China’s embryonic after-sales market becomes significant to the success of branding: retail financing, leasing, servicing, repairs, spare parts, and rentals. What can China learn from its advanced competitors