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  Literally translated, the Chinese word "ShangDao" means the Path and Philosophy to Succeed in Business! This is also the raison d'√™tre of Shang-Dao: to show our clients the way how to improve their business and achieve excellence.

Founded as a non-profit association in Geneva, Switzerland, Shang-Dao provides strategic business information and a forum for communication with a vast network of contacts in China and Europe.

Shang-Dao serves private and public sector clients who envisage global presence and growth. Its goal is to promote business and cultural exchange between China and Europe by creating networks, organizing conferences, trade fairs, business clubs, and other activities focusing on China and Chinese business.

Our values are highly reflected by our competence and code of conduct:
  • Multilingual Language skills
  • Vast networking both in China and in other countries, and both in Governments and in the business world
  • Determination to obtain value for our clients
  • We offer keen insights into business and economic trends and have the know-how to satisfy the strategic information needs of executives
  • Swiss precision: we deliver what we promise
  • Success: to see our clients succeed is our highest reward

Let us NOW start the journey together for tomorrow's success!


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    2nd Annual Summit of China Green Companies
    April, 2009, Beijing, China
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    CBO Symposium 2009
    October, 2009, Geneva, Switzerland
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    China Entrepreneur Summit 2008
    6-7 December, 2008, Beijing, China
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    CBO VIP Meeting
    8-9 September, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
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    China Business Opportunity Symposium
    21 January, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
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    Auto Forum Geneva
    7 march, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
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Thank you for your interest in Shang-Dao.

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