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CBO Symposium 2011

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We are experiencing a global economic tsunami like a story of mass and mounting misery punctuated by a series of unthinkables: the collapse of the global banking system, a deepening global recession and the massive intrusion of governments into national economies. The world has become trapped in a vicious negative-feedback cycle. Fear led to business contraction and protectionism, and that in turn led to ever greater fear.

Chinese philosophy interprets crisis as a specific circumstance that DANGER and OPPORTUNITY co-exist. In light of the current economic crisis, China Business Opportunity symposium 2010 is aimed at turning blind pessimism/optimism to well-founded hope and opportunity. This event will bring together business leaders and decision makers of various industries from China and across the region to debate, discuss and explore areas essential to the integration of business strategies and the revitalization of a distressed global economy.

Hosted by China Federation of Industrial Economics, CBO Symposium progrmme is designed to generate insight on two subjects: Global Partnership and Co-operation and Existential Test for China. We hope you will attend and take home some inspirations through this thought-provoking platform.

China Business Opportunity Symposium 2010
Opportunities along the economic crisis

on September 2010
in Switzerland

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China Business Opportunity Symposium 2011
New Wave of Family Business

on 2nd February 2011
in Geneva, Switzerland

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, Chinese family business has come to a crucial turning point where Western family business has already got through within 100 years. It is predicted that the modernization and succession of Chinese family business will welcome its peak time in the next decade. How could Chinese family business be well prepared and what could its founders and successors learn from global best practice? For most western family business, the question might be: how could they integrate the dynamics from the emerging market into their worldwide business?

As a bespoke program, Shang Dao CBO (Chinese Business Opportunity) 2011 will continue offering the exclusive platform for both Chinese family business leaders and Swiss business gurus so that both can exchange some ideas on sustainable family business and healthy values towards fortune. Relevant topics include family business governance structure, succession plan, strategic thinking, and the relationship between family managers, CEOs and board members.

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